We are an avant-garde, fresh and innovative proposal of seafood cuisine -located in the capital of Ecuador.

We honor the greatness of the ocean, the delights it offers us, and the importance of taking care of it.


Pez Bela is born of inspiration, gratitude and passion that runs through our relationship with the sea. The principles that inspire us are: Reconnection, Gratitude and Origin.

Reconnection: The importance of rebuilding our relationship with food.

Gratitude: to thank and respect nature as the basis of our food, those who produce it, cook it and make it possible for it to reach our table.

Origin: knowing the origin of our food and making sure it has a high social impact and is environmentally responsible.


We are a proposal of signature cuisine and seafood cuisine, where we integrate culinary techniques from around the world along with products from our country -which has a unique diversity of natural resources given its geographical location, its different regions and climates.

Our menu is a tribute to the richness of our nature and creativity in gastronomy, inspired by the fresh products of the sea and highlighting their flavors and textures. We create innovative and high quality preparations, from antojitos, hot dishes, to our signature dish: ceviches.

In Pez Bela we created a unique proposal of ceviches, reinventing the traditional concept of eating ceviche in Ecuador.

Our ceviches are the result of unique combinations of products, flavors and textures; integrating in their bases the citric of the lemon, the intense flavors of tropical fruits, and the spiciness of the chili peppers.


N32 Mena Caamaño E13-14 and Coruña Ave.

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Contact us: 0994807599 / 024752951


Here every bite is a journey that reconnects you with the sea and every smile is genuine; in our space you will feel at home and with our crew you will instantly feel like family!

Every boat needs to have a good crew, and Pez Bela has the best of them all. We are more than a team, we are a family united by a strong sense of collaboration, commitment and trust. We honor the bounty of the sea and value cuisine as the ultimate expression of togetherness, respect and creativity.

Our priority is to share our passion for seafood cuisine with our customers and community, providing them with a delicious experience in a warm, welcoming and cheerful atmosphere - ideal for enjoying at lunchtime.


Whether it's a morning brunch, an exclusive lunch, a corporate event, a tasting, an afternoon cocktail or a private dinner, we are ready to book and customize your event at our venue.

Likewise, our ceviche bar and antojitos frios are ready to arrive at your event -medium or large- with an unforgettable catering experience. We also adapt to your smaller events, customizing the experience according to your preferences and needs.

Contact us to learn more about hosting private events at our venue and outside catering services.


Tuesday to Sunday from 12:00PM to 16:30PM